Selling Sagehood


 Selling Sagehood: The Philosophical Marketplace in Early China

Published in Kenneth G. Lieberthal, Shuen-fu Lin and Ernest P. Young, eds., Constructing China: The Interaction of Culture and Economics 
(Ann Arbor: The Center for Chinese Studies, the University of Michigan, 1997) (© The Regents of the University of Michigan)

Note: This article was published in a joint festschrift celebrating the simultaneous retirements of Robert Dernberger, Norma Diamond, Albert Feuerwerker, and Donald Munro,
all senior faculty at Michigan's Center for Chinese Studies. The volume's theme, "culture and economics," was chosen because the work of two of these colleagues focused on
Chinese economics and economic history. It was not, perhaps, the easiest of themes to address for those of us who were Donald Munro's students, writing on early Chinese thought.

        The volume is no longer in print and the Center for Chinese Studies has kindly permitted me to post a copy of my chapter here.
        Unlike other files on the Chinatxt site, I'm not able to waive copyright for personal and nonprofit use.