Schedule of Classes and Assigned Readings

Weekly classes

Monday Wednesday Friday
1-3 Topic:          Introduction to Classical China 

Readings:         [General Introduction]
The culture of the Classical elite

1. General Introduction           
2. Han Qi Visits the State of Zheng

Classical patrician views of the past

The Legendary Emperors

4-6 Poetic views of society

Verses From the Book of Poetry

The founding of the Zhou Dynasty 

1. The Rise of the House of Zhou
2. The Story of the Duke of Zhou

Early Spring & Autumn Period political history

Spring and Autumn China (722-453), pp. 1-21 

7-9 Later Spring & Autumn Period political history

Spring and Autumn China (722-453), pp. 22-42

Ritualism and the advent of Confucius

Zhou Ritual Culture and Its Rationalization

The Analects of Confucius

Confucius and the Origins of Confucianism
Analects: Appendixes 3-4, pp. 122-44


Political history of the early Warring States Period

The Warring States Period (453-221), pp. 1-21

Political history of the later Warring States Period

The Warring States Period (453-221), pp. 22-41

Social change in the Warring States Period

1. The Economy of Early China: Food & Money
2. Technological Change in Warring States China


Intellectual change: Mohism and philosophy

1. The Rhetorical Arts and Political Persuasion
   2.  Mohist Thought

The Confucian career of Mencius


Daoist thought: the Dao de jing

Daoism, pp. 1-10



Daoism, pp. 11-28


Naturalist Thought in the Late Classical Period

 The Confucian response: Xunzi


19-21 Legalism and the basis of the Qin Revolution


Religion in Warring States society

Spiritual Beliefs and Regional Religion

Shang China and its discovery

1. Preface to Readings on Pre-Classical China
2. The Discovery of the Shang Dynasty

22-24 The deities of the Shang world

1. The Sexagenary Number-Date System
2. The Oracle Texts                    
3. Shang Religion                      

Shang bronzes

1. Shang Kingship and Shang Kinship
2. Shang Ritual Bronzes           

The Neolithic background of the Shang

Neolithic China: Before the Shang Dynasty

25-27 Shang society and the nature of the Shang polity

Shang Society

The Western Zhou

The History of the Western Zhou
[Inscriptional Records of the Western Zhou]

Bridging the Pre-Classical & Post-Classical eras

1. Introduction to Imperial China
2. The Qin Dynasty, pp. 1-7


The Qin Revolution

The Qin Dynasty, pp. 8-27

Qin law

The Laws of Qin

Post-Qin civil war

The Rise of the Han


The establishment of the Han state

The Reigns of the Early Han Emperors

Early Han ideology

Huang-Lao Ideology

The reign of Han Emperor Wu

The Reign of Wu-di, 140-87


Han Dynasty metaphysical thought

1. Yin-Yang Five-Forces Theory During the Han
The Arts of the Fangshi       

Confucianism in the early Han

The Fortunes of Confucianism During the Early Han

Our historical lens on early China

Sima Qian and Our View of Early China


The Yi jing

The Yi jing

History as moral wisdom in the Confucian tradition

The Spring and Autumn Annals