Schedule of Classes
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Weekly Classes Monday Wednesday Friday
1-3 Introduction Western Patterns of Thought Before Philosophy in China
4-6 Confucianism, the Ru, and the Analects Confucius on Moral Perfection Ritual and Man's Social Nature
7-9 Heaven in the Analects History and Timeliness in the Analects The Significance of Disciples
10-12  Mohism: Doctrine and Argumentation

  The Significance of Standards in Mohism

Mohist Logic and Theory of Language
13-15 Mohism's Attack on the Ru Mencius's Career & Anti-Mohism The Source of Virtue in Mencius
16-18 Mencius on Human Nature as Good Mencius on the Meaning of History Mencius on Fate as Moral Opportunity 
19-21  Daoism: Laozi and the Dao de jing   The Paradox of the Dao de jing Zhuangzi's Daoist Imagination
22-24 Zhuangzi: Language and Experience Zhuangzi: Philosophy and Skill  Zhuangzi on Sagehood and Social Life
25-27 Zhuangzi on Life and Death "The Inner Enterprise" Naturalism
28-30 Legalism Han Feizi's Legalism and "Huang-Lao" Xunzi on Study
31-33 Xunzi on the Mind Xunzi on Heaven Xunzi on Ritual
34-36 Xunzi: Our Bad Nature as Promise Xunzi on Man and the Cosmos The Great Learning  
37-39 The Doctrine of the Mean I The Doctrine of the Mean II The Yi jing
40 The Spring & Autumn Annals